This blog documents the construction of our house. The preceding four years of permitting and design I will spare you the details of. Suffice to say we spent three months in escrow ensuring we could pull this off, then several months trying to figure out the legalities of our lot and working through our conditional certificate of compliance, then we spent a few years working through the California Coastal Commission. During that time we spoke with at least a dozen contractors and hired a consultant or two. There were some villains (see http://www.schmitzandassociates.com/ as the biggest example!) and there were people that helped us out. Now, however, we are on to the best part, we are actually building this thing!

One thing that really stands out is how great our architects Nathan Swift and Gloria Lee, Swiftlee Office, have been and our contractor Sean King, SMK Construction, have been! Without their help none of this would be happening.


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