Something to be worried about?

Last Thursday the 11th I was out at the site with Sean, our driller, and our septic guy reviewing our plan for where and how the drill rig would make it onto our property when I learned the house next to us is in escrow. The (potential) future owners seemed concerned that their agent had not let them know that construction was a possibility, and a very near one at that. I am unsure how anyone could not assume that a cleared, staked lot would not be eventually built upon, but that was the case. I met the couple in escrow, they are expecting a baby and are concerned about the noise of construction. I explained how we are going to be doing a lot of drilling (10 caissons!) and have about a one year construction time line. Seeing that we have already pulled permits I don’t think that there will be any issues, but one never knows. I figured it was best to be upfront and explain to them where the house is going, future expansion plans, and our general time lines.<br /><br />On another note, we had the septic guy up there yesterday, I’ll have new pictures to post tomorrow.


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