First Cuts

Eli Sr. and crew were up on the property this week preparing the way for the drilling machines and other equipment that needs to get up to help us with construction. They did a great job not only creating the paths we need but ensuring that we do not have a lot of erosion problems. We also had a nice green Andy Gump toilet installed, which should keep Nick happy! Here are some photos of the progress. 


The Andy Gump!



Temporary Driveway with sandbags and gravel



Looking up the lot you can see the three levels for drilling and equipment.



This is the first level for staging, parking and where our septic will go.



Another view of the first level, the guys had some car problems.



The next level, which is a pad for the drill rig, notice the stakes for the corner of the house.



Looking back across the lot, featuring Mr. Wollman.



Everything is switchbacked for the drilling rig.



Up to the top cut which is where the drill rig will put the two middle caissons. Notice the pole for temporary power!



Looking back from the top drill platform.



Looking down the lot from the top drill platfrom.

 All in all after four years of nothing we are actually starting to do this thing! 


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