Steel is Delivered

The steel came in yesterday! Also, we got through four more caissons so we are getting much closer to completing that aspect. However, we might be running into problems with the top four. We originally planned on hitting those from the top, however, due to the placement the drill rig would have to close off both lanes of Las Flores. So, we are going to have to approach those from the bottom. Also, the bottom two holes might incur additional “coring” fees. Boo! I guess there will always be some sort of cost overrun, but I sure do want to keep these down! As always, here are some pictures.


Working on the sixth caisson



This steel will be going down into the holes once it is tied up. Thanks to our neighbor for lending their front loader to get these suckers up onto the property!



Those bundles are what will be used to tie the long steel beams together.



This is the most people we have had on the site to date. The guys are placing the steel beams up to tie together.



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