Concrete Pour

On Wednesday we poured all but three of the remaining caissons (we have ten total!). I missed the crane putting the steel into the ground but was able to get to the site before the concrete trucks. This wasn’t too hard as the trucks where over an hour and a half late. IMGP1846.JPG Here you can see the two cassions for the bottom corners fo the house. The second one is a bit hidden by the dirt. Once these are poured and we have fixed the grading there will be concrete and steel grade beams which connect these. All the caissons will be connected via grade beams. Then stem walls will be built on top of which we will do framing. Here is an example of grade beams connecting to a caissons. The stem wall is then built up over the grade beam. gradebeams.jpg IMGP1848.JPG Since we where waiting for the truck Sean had the guys build some steps after he took a nasty fall. All that loose dirt is slippery! IMGP1857.JPG We had to close off Las Flores Canyon in one direction for the trucks. By the time the concrete arrived the radios the guys where using had run out of batteries! IMGP1860.JPG This is what concrete guys do when trucks are late! IMGP1859.JPG This is what the steel guys do, they call and ask where the F*** is the mud! IMGP1861.JPGIMGP1862.JPG Finally! The truck arrives, we had a truck schedule to come every 1/2 hour and had seven trucks total schedule to come on Wednesday. IMGP1865.JPG Before anyone can start the inspector has to take samples, however, the samples are tested off site. Which begs the question, what does one do if the samples fail the compression tests? IMGP1868.JPG The concrete is poured into the pump and carried via hoses down to the caisson holes. IMGP1867.JPG IMGP1869.JPG The guys are pouring the concrete in to the holes and holding the caisson cage upright as the concrete goes in. IMGP1870.JPG IMGP1871.JPG It takes two trucks of concrete before you can even see the stuff coming towards the top of the hole. IMGP1875.JPG Here it is at the end of the day. There where 5 total done on wednesday. IMGP1882.JPG Wednesday evening was beautiful! You could see Catalina and Palos Verdes from our lot. Once this house is done it is going to be beautiful to live up here. IMGP1889.JPG Looking back up the lot, some day we will be out of the ground and have a structure! 


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