The Andy Gump Gets a Big Brother

Sean’s guys are moving forward at a great clip and the house is starting to take shape. Jenn and I went up there on Saturday to check on the progress. We also meet with Gloria and Nathan on Friday night to discuss interior finishes. I’ll scan and upload some of their renderings tomorrow. We made a lot of progress with material, flooring, and other finishes. I think that the interior will be striking when complete.


As the title says.


Entering the house is like getting on a boat.


The living room.


Jenn in the kitchen for the first and last time 😉


There is a crawl space behind the second bedroom, we are wondering if the back wall could be moved so that we have more space in that area.


The bedroom and construction office.


The house is coming together. The top level is where our parking and roof deck will be.


A view of the other side of the house.


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