Moved in, but the work doesn’t stop!

Jenn and I are moved in, and had a wonderful thanksgiving and christmas at the house with our families. We have begun to get quotes for landscaping and are working on getting the house put together. It seems like there are endless projects. The big things are finishing the closet, hanging art, putting up some shades and landscaping. Living at the house is amazing! One thing about no shades is that we are up with the sun as our house faces south east and the sun comes right in at dawn. Malibu is definitely not Venice and the dogs have a lot of adjusting to do. We have coyotes howling at night, deer roaming, and many neighborhood dogs that wander around. Regardless, we love it.


2 thoughts on “Moved in, but the work doesn’t stop!

  1. Cheryl has offered to loan you the large MJ sculpture over our fireplace, just for awhile, to fill the void over the staircase…..:-). Just in case you ever miss Jamestown ! ! !

  2. you are such a baller! that is the sweetest house!! When i was at DWR i saw a floor lamp that was shockingly expensive, and you guys have it!

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