A long time coming…

Sorry I haven’t posted for a long while, work has been crazy and living in Burbank takes time away from driving up to Malibu as often. Last week we got a lot of work done. The Milgard windows and sliders have gone in, however, the custom doors have not. I was expecting to see the house with all the sliders in, what I wasn’t expecting was for the electrical and heating to be so far along. All the cans are in and the wiring is all running to the switches. In addition, we have the heater installed and all the duct work basically complete. Most important of all, we have a roof!

Next week our cabinets are delivered, and in order to keep things moving we need to make some purchases. First off, we need to get our Panelite ordered for the panel between the master bathroom and bedroom. We also need to order our sinks (see previous post), the Caesar Stone for the counter tops, and we need to figure out what our downstairs and upstairs vanities are going to be. The other thing I have been thinking is that getting a whole house water filter/softener system would be pretty sweet so we need to look into that.

Once the electrical work is done and inspected we need to run our low voltage wiring, we have tons of cat 5e, however, we need HDMI and speaker cables. I’ll probably go to Cables4Less unless someone has a better idea.

On another note, our neighbor, Christina, sold her house. I look forward to meeting our new neighbor, but am worried about the whole easement and fence infringement issue. I’ll have to send them a copy of the letter I sent the owner’s prior to Christina, but will wait till escrow closes.

Here are some pictures of our progress.


1 thought on “A long time coming…

  1. i was there today and it is even better in person. absolutely beautiful. congrats to the both of you. i am so excited to stay in your guest bedroom. i can’t wait. that cool?

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