Sorry for the delay, but we are making great progress.

Sorry for the long delay. Trying to keep this project moving, work, and commuting from burbank have started to eat into my blogging time. However, we have been making a ton of progress! A few weeks ago I had some friends (James, Nick, Steve), some family (Jenn, Lee) and some cable (cat 5e, HDMI, coax, speaker) and two days worth of fun. We ran cable for the roof deck stereo, bedroom stereo and home theater. In total we have wires for ten speakers, two tvs and more cat 5e than anyone could possibly use installed throughout the house. Thank you everyone for your help. Unfortunately, we were so busy wiring we didn’t take any pictures.

So where do we stand? We have our electrical done, low voltage done, rough plumbing done, sprinklers done, and the exterior is wrapped and ready for plaster. Next week we should start dry wall, and we ordered all our appliances yesterday. All said and done we have to be done by the end of September, not much time left! After that the bank starts charging us big dollars, 1% for the first delay and it starts adding up from there. We still have a lot of work to do, and I promise to be more on top of keeping my small number of dedicated readers up to date.

Enough chat here are the pics.


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