We have drywall!

Sean is making great progress, all the glass is in for doors and windows, and we have drywall started! The guys put the stuff up in a little under three days. They are currently building the stairs and will start stucco this week. The house is really coming together.

We have a little more than four weeks left, it is going to be tight, but we really do not have much of a choice. For each 4 week extension to the construction timeline the bank charges a percentage point of the total construction cost. At that sort of cost, we really need to get this thing cranked out.

Over the last week or so we have added to our lessons learned, I think we will do a post when we are done to cover things we did right and things we did wrong. Jenn has really be helping a lot with drawings for the interior and making sure details show up on time. Our next big to do items are ordering flooring for the downstairs bathroom area and painting.

Enough prattle, here are some photos.


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