Stucco Begins and Drywall Gets Taped

On Thursday they applied the scratch coat for the stucco. Next step for the outside is the brown coat, however, the scratch coat takes several days to cure, so once that is done the brown coat goes on. After waiting several more days the finish coat, which has the color mixed in, goes on. On the interior front, the drywall guys have put up the metal edging and have taped the drywall. Once the tape and other plaster drys they will start a skim coat. The plan is to be finished with all the drywall plaster so that we can paint over the labor day weekend. Should be fun, anyone that wants to come help can call ;-).

For the painting we went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of good stuff. We have rollers galore, and two power feed rollers that hook directly up to a can of paint. The interior color is a pretty stark white, which Jenn feels will work well with our flooring. Thankfully, the flooring is not in and the drywall guys have taped all the doors and windows up. That should save us a bunch of time!

Here are pictures from Thursday and Saturday.


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