Site Visit

We had another site visit today with Sean and Nathan. We spent a bunch of time looking at the kitchen and figuring out what to do with the cabinetry and our small island. We decided to move the cabinets back flush against the wall giving us a few more inches on the cabinet and requiring our cabinetry guy to do some extra work but I am assured it is for the best. We also spent some time trying to figure out how the stairs are going to be supported by our steel hardy frame. In order to prevent the stairs from wobbling we need to ensure the contact between the stairs and the bolts into the frame are as big as possible. Sean is probably going to use a wooden box to create the contact, but I am still thinking a steel plate might work best.

The house is looking great and we are making good progress. I am a bit worried about hitting the end of the month so I’m going to have to talk to the loan guys to see what we can do.


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