The house gets some color

Jenn and I where lucky to get to the house as Sean’s guys started the exterior stucco on Saturday. The interior flooring is coming along nicely and the cabinets are basically in. We still need counter-tops, railings, and a bunch of other finish work, however, we are making decent progress. At this point, though, I do not see how we could possibly be done in ten days. I need to get in touch with BoA and our mortgage broker Brian to see what the deal is.

The last details seem to be the hardest not to change, every time we go to the house there is a little thing here and there that we want to work on. However, we need to stay focused on the goal: finishing the house. Every last detail need not be perfect, all we need is a house that can pass final inspection!


1 thought on “The house gets some color

  1. Hi Paddy and Jen, Just so you know the Ho’s still don’t have hot water in the kids bathroom sink and flooring is still not all done…don’t know how strict the inspectors are over there, I know they are tough here….I have my fingers crossed for you guys! aloha Lia

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