Water Meter Is Installed

Our water meter was installed over the last week. Here is what $14k buys you!


 Pretty impressive? Well not all that exciting to look at, but I am sure it will be nice to have some water up there to keep dust down, etc. Unfortunately, it feels like we are making much slower progress on the drilling front. It turns out that not only can we not drill from the road but that we cannot drill all the top holes at the same time! Additionally, in order to drill the top holes we had to cover over the middle four. In addition, we will have to re-drill all holes before putting the steel and concrete in to make sure that we have a solid footing. This is all sounding very expensive. Hopefully, I can cajole my friends to help with painting and convince Chris (Mom’s boyfriend/finance/partner/etc) to come up and help with some of the interior finish work. Chris, we can do it when the surf is good! I finally got in touch with Verizon, however, Charter who said they were going to move things still is a no-show. I’ll be meeitng with the Verizon engineer today. As you can see the lines are super low. 


 As you can see I can easily grab the wires. I was SOOO tempted to yank, but then I think my neighbors might get a bit mad since they would loose their service. 


No more holes.

 I’ll be up there again today, and will report back. Hopefully the structural engineer made it up to inspect the steel so we can push forward. Progress uber alles.  


Steel is all tied up

The guys finished tying up the steel caissons and we should finish drilling this week. In other news, Verizon is a pain in the ass! If you look over some of the photos you can see cables.


It is hard to see but there are two cables coming off that pole.



The cable is REALLY LOW!

 Anyway, I am trying to get them to move the cables. You would think that would be difficult but not impossible. To date I have been on hold for several hours and finally got a real person’s name and number. If only I could get in touch with Tommy Hinson, perhaps my problems will be solved? I’ve talked to people in repair, safety and other customer support areas to no avail. The worst was repair, the manager Maria informed me that my neighbors would have to file an order to move Verizon’s line off my property! It took almost an hour to get through to someone that this wasn’t my neighbor’s issue but was theirs. We shall see, next up calling Charter Communications. 

Here are some pictures of the new steel.



As you can see there are different sizes since each hole is a slightly different width. The front ones being much larger than the back ones.




The site has changed a lot since we first started!



This is where the steel will go! That hole is deep.


Steel is Delivered

The steel came in yesterday! Also, we got through four more caissons so we are getting much closer to completing that aspect. However, we might be running into problems with the top four. We originally planned on hitting those from the top, however, due to the placement the drill rig would have to close off both lanes of Las Flores. So, we are going to have to approach those from the bottom. Also, the bottom two holes might incur additional “coring” fees. Boo! I guess there will always be some sort of cost overrun, but I sure do want to keep these down! As always, here are some pictures.


Working on the sixth caisson



This steel will be going down into the holes once it is tied up. Thanks to our neighbor for lending their front loader to get these suckers up onto the property!



Those bundles are what will be used to tie the long steel beams together.



This is the most people we have had on the site to date. The guys are placing the steel beams up to tie together.


Fires and Continued Progress

We had a site meeting yesterday with Nathan, Sean, David (from RJR engineering), Jenn and myself. We checked out the progress on the drilling and discussed having David test the holes to ensure that the geology is all correct. Next week he is going to go down into the holes and inspect the dirt and rock. It took two days to drill the first hole, however, Hard Rock is trying a new technique using a smaller bit to get down deep and then using a larger one afterwards.


Nathan and I on the lot.



Drilling the second caisson, check out the teeth on that drill bit!



The fire came REALLY close to our road. This is looking at Rambla Pacifico which goes down to the right of the picture. To the left is the fire camp which is at the point where Rambla Pacifico and Las Flores meet. The fire never crested the ridge and appears to have been held back right at the edge of the fire camp!


http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&hl=en&ll=34.062455,-118.64876&spn=0.010257,0.020642&t=h&z=16&om=1&output=embed&s=AARTsJpnOA3ioEtcI9rx_v7gyZqlolGTYwView Larger Map 

Here are some more pictures taken from Rambla Pacifico.