Framing Progress

We have made a great deal of progress with framing! Jenn met Nathan, Sean, and Daniel up on the site yesterday and Daniel was kind enough to take a ton of pictures of our progress. While up there they discussed plumbing, electrical, flooring, and a bunch of other items. I was unable to attend, however, the choices they made sound awesome. We decided to move the kitchen around a bit, and decided to try get walnut flooring for the upstairs, the stairwell, and the landing on the bedroom level. For the rest of the bedroom level, we are going to try use marmoleum or something similar which will give a cool contrast with the wood. The only thing I found out that is disappointing is that the master bathroom won’t have the required slope in the floor for drainage, so the shower will have to have a slight lip to it. Not the end of the world, but it would have been cool to have a continuous area. I’ll try get some drawings up over the next few days to illustrate what we are talking about. 











Framing Started!

So framing started last week! Sorry for not updating sooner, but man this week has been crazy. We are getting ourselves ready to move to Burbank in with Jenn’s parents as the combined weight of rent and our ever growing mortgage is starting to really hurt. However, as you can see we have made great strides with the construction.


The house with floor joists for the bedroom.


The floor to be.


Standing in the bedroom!


The view out the front of the deck.


Here is that concrete post I mentioned last week.

Jenn is heading up tomorrow to meet with Nathan and Sean. There going to be discussing the kitchen, plumbing and looking at the progress. Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures up in the next few days.

Slight Change of Plans

Gloria and Nathan have been looking at an interior shear wall that would extend about six feet from the left wall as you are facing the back of the house. This wall would essentially cover the resin panel behind the stairs and destroy the floating feeling of the stairs. To address this they have proposed to use a Hardy steel brace frame to replace the wall. The frame required by our structural engineer is 6′ tall which presents a slight problem in that the ceiling height is 9′ and the frame needs to be bolted to the concrete stem walls. So, we need to raise the stem wall up through the subfloor and bolt it to that. Sean has agreed to make the changes and the cost difference, so far, looks to be around $800. Jenn and I spent a lot of time reviewing this as we were a bit concerned about having something “unfinished” looking in the bedroom area. However, after a lot of discussion we decided to go with Gloria and Nathan’s recommendation. The next decision regarding the stair well is the proposed mesh they want to use. There are pictures below. We feel it is a bit industrial, however, it is nice an open. Perhaps the floor to ceiling treatment is a bit intense, but also perhaps once the house is complete we could just remove it? I’d like to have the stair as open as possible.

Stairwell Perspective