Tons of Progress

It has been a while since my last post as Jenn and I were in Vietnam for the last week or so (We have pictures here). During this time we have framed and poured our grade beams, created the forms for the stem walls, and put in the first few sections of the steel moment frame. The moment frame is there to provide support for lateral shear since the entire front of the house will be windows.


Septic Rings and Forms

Things are changing quickly! We had the septic seep pit liners delivered. We have to have our primary AND secondary septic pits fully lined. Each pit is about thirty feet deep so we have a lot of these things! Also the grade beam and stem wall forms are nearing completion and on Thursday we will begin pouring these. I’ll try do an update on Thursday as we leave for Vietnam on Friday for the John Vo KG wedding extravaganza!

Our foreman

Stem wall formsCloser view of formsSeptic LinerSeptic Liner with DogsView up lot with forms