Septic Rings and Forms

Things are changing quickly! We had the septic seep pit liners delivered. We have to have our primary AND secondary septic pits fully lined. Each pit is about thirty feet deep so we have a lot of these things! Also the grade beam and stem wall forms are nearing completion and on Thursday we will begin pouring these. I’ll try do an update on Thursday as we leave for Vietnam on Friday for the John Vo KG wedding extravaganza!

Our foreman

Stem wall formsCloser view of formsSeptic LinerSeptic Liner with DogsView up lot with forms


Grade Beams

Not sure if this counts as being out of the ground, but we are getting close. Last week the guys came up and tied all the grade beams. They need to finish the forms, get the moment frame installed and then next week we should be ready to pour the concrete. Once we have that done on to stem walls and then…framing. You should see some big changes over the next four weeks or so. Here are some pictures, and the cool thing is that you can start to see the outline of the house.