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So our house project has taken a lot of different people to make work. Our architects are Nathan Swift and Gloria Lee, they are the owners of a great architectural studio called <a href="http://www.swiftleeoffice.com">SWIFT.LEE OFFICE</a>. They did phenomenal work and brought a great eye as well as discipline in maintaining our, rather tight, budget. From our initial discussions of a &quot;cool box&quot; through the ins and outs of permitting they have been solid. Our contractor is Sean King of SMK Construction. He has done a number of great houses including our neighbors gorgeous house. Thanks to Ron for recommending him. Our financing was arranged by <a href="http://mortgage.bankofamerica.com/danielmccue">Dan McCue</a> from Bank of America, given today’s mortgage climate Dan really came through for us!<br /> <p><img vspace="0" hspace="0" border="0" align="middle" src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/8116/940/320/IMG_0058.6.jpg&quot; /></p><p>Of couse Jenn my fiance has been instrumental in keeping me sane through all this and without the help of my mom and <a href="http://www.hannonproperties.com">dad</a&gt; the coastal commission’s demand of us acquiring a development credit would have sunk the project.</p>